They Need a New Bed

Tenant: Excuse me, Sir.
Maintenance Man: Yes, what can I do for you?
Tenant: I need to tell you something.
Maintenance Man: Ooookay (Dia mulai menyadari ada yang tidak beres di sini.)
Tenant: You know, I’m not the kind who likes complaining about things. All in all, I’m happy with this apartment. The management is nice. The place is close to campus. And above all, it’s the cheapest in the neighborhood.
Maintenance Man: Hmmm… Most people say so…
Tenant: But… noise is sometimes a problem here.
Maintenance Man: What do you mean?
Tenant: Especially at night…
Maintenance Man: Hmm…
Tenant: You know, I think you need to tell the couple upstairs, right above us… I mean, you need to tell them to get a new bed frame.
Maintenance Man: What do you mean?
Tenant: You know, this one squeaks a lot, especially at night, when they have sex…
Maintenance Man: No way! (Dia mulai ngakak.)
Tenant: They need a new one!

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