It’s almost proverbial how American society is infatuated with coffee. Instead of just coffee, Americans are so attached to cafes. Recently, an Indian student in the United States sent his observation of the American society to the editor of Forbes. Included in this observation is how American people like to go to cafes in the morning and spend some 1.5 dollars for a cup of coffee, and they do that five times a week; the Indian student imagines how much money American people could save if they would prepare their own coffee at home.

The above-linked website offers the noise of a cafe. Yes, the ambient that is a noise of a cafe. The originator of the website claims that, following the result of a research, people tend to work better when they are in a setting with “just enough” noise. One of these places is cafe. So, when you go to that website, you will be welcome (and surrounded) by a noise of people murmuring and chattering at the background. I’ve been listening to that cafeial white-noise for sometime now–as I’m writing this post–and I kind of feel that creativity boost that the website promises. On top of that, I don’t feel the usual threat of seeing a friend and get involved in a conversation–although I usually am the one who starts that conversation :D.

However, relating back to the infatuation of American people with coffee, I’m now wondering whether it is the noise or the cafe atmosphere that boosts our creativity. Either way, let’s just enjoy the murmurs and the good feeling while it lasts.

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