Misdi & The Teacher

(Sitting at his teacher’s feet, Misdi stares at the pattern of the pandan leaf carpet.)
Teacher: It wasn’t in my mind to be big, Misdi. (Opening his lecture, just one of the many lectures he’s been giving to Misdi since time immemorial)
Misdi: Yes, teacher.
Teacher: I was born big. Even as a baby, I had my command of people’s respect.
Misdi: Yes, teacher.
Teacher: I had schools, knowledge, positions lined up for me. Even as a baby.
Misdi: Yes, teacher.
Teacher: Did you have any of those, Misdi? As a baby?
Misdi: Not that I know of, teacher.
Teacher: What do you have now?
Misdi: A little of what you had as a man of my age, teacher.
Teacher: Now, can you tell the difference between you and me?
Misdi: Yes, teacher.
Teacher: I love you, Misdi. Don’t spoil it.
Misdi: I won’t, teacher.
Teacher: May the Force be with you, Misdi.
Misdi: Inshaallah, teacher.
(Still staring at the carpet, Misdi is positive he has found a wonderful pattern there. All the ziggy-zaggy road that leads to anywhere imaginable).
Misdi: Inshaallah, teacher.
Teacher: Ameen.

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