A Powerful Generation We Are. Are We? Really?

Some people say how blessed we are to have all the great gadgets that we have today. Some of these people even go as far as saying that we now have what our predecessors couldn’t begin to imagine. These celebrators of our age even claim that many things in the past would have been different–in a good sense–had people had what we have today.

There are seeds of truth in what these people say. However, I would argue that there is a critical fact that these celebrators neglect. You’ll notice this negligence as you try to answer these questions from me:

  • What do you use as your laptop/computer wallpaper?
  • What videos do you share on your facebook?
  • You’re in your car, waiting for your wife dress up to go shopping. What are you doing?

If these answers don’t include ourselves in it (in other words, if your answer for the first question is “National Geographic Photos” and the second “youtube video” and the third “pat rescue saga” instead “the photo I took with my iPhone” and ” the video I made on iMovie”), then I would say that we’re not very far ahead of our predecessors. By this, I mean, we’re not as revolutionary as we think we are. We are just users of advanced technology who are made to buy or–even worse–who are made to desire to buy the new pieces of high technology.

Let us introduce us all to ourselves. We are blessed, indeed, to have all these high-tech devices. However, we are not at all blessed to be only using them without leaving anything other than used devices.

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