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Diana Abu-Jaber

Short bio of Diana Abu-Jaber.

Here is the information about the author, a piece of information that is far from being comprehensive. The page doesn’t include information about Ms. Abu-Jaber’s second, third and fourth novels. It gives an inaccurate account of the novelist’s second and third novels. According to this piece, Ms. Abu-Jaber plans to write a second novel called Memories of Birth, while she never actually published any novel with that title. As a matter of fact, her second novel is Crescent, which was published in 2004 and her third novel is Origin, published in 2007 (which, strangely enough, the web page lists as one of her novels–probably upon request from the author herself, or the author’s agent, long after the original publication of this page). Basically, this web page needs a lot of revision–a total revision, not just updating certain details but forgetting to correct plans from the past that might have taken unexpected turns. Regardless, this webpage is valuable for giving a quote from Jean Grant’s on Abu-Jaber’s potential to enlighten the reader about the Arab Culture. In addition to that, the page also provides a number of reviews of Abu-Jaber’s first novel Arabian Jazz.

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