The Untold Mysteries of Kimpel Hall (1)

Kimpel Hall is a particularly interesting building. Twelve years ago, a professor of comparative literature, the first director of the program in comparative literature and cultural studies, was shot to death here by a graduate student who had just received a letter saying that he had ejected from the department because he had been studying for ten years in the graduate program and had not made any good progress. Alright, but we’re not talking about that incident today. 

All I want to tell you today is how I have gotten to know this building. I share an office with a professor and have the liberty to use the office almost any time I want to. I have the key to the building and another to my office in particular. And above all, the professor (the official owner of the office) is hardly ever in her office. As a result. I have an office of my own that I can use whenever I want to. Right, I was about to talk about how I have gotten to know the building. These are what I know: 

  1. That there are a number of janitors in the building. Some of them are men and some women. They work during the day. Yes. But they really work super, cleaning around the building, right after the office hours end, i.e. 5 PM. After 5, they would start cleaning around the building. They would enter room by room including the restrooms, pushing some sort of trolley. They would “park” the trolley somewhere around the doorway and get into that room to get the trash bag from the trash can. Done with one room, they would go to another room. They would reach my office at around 6.30 PM. 
  2. That the air conditioner in Kimpel Hall runs most of the day. Once it kicks on, it will stay on until probably 15 minutes. Then it stops for a couple of minutes, and then it will kick back on and stay on for another 15 minutes. Only after 5 PM does the engine stop. This is the moment that, in my opinion, is the most comfortable to be in Kimpel Hall to read. 

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