American Islam

The Kite Runner

Narrating the friendship of Amir and Hassan, two boys from different ethnic backgrounds but growing up virtually on the same patch of land and literally breastfed by the same woman, The Kite Runner in the final analysis is a strong challenge against the idea of race and ethnicities both in Afghanistan and, by extension, anywhere else in the world. There are moments where I, as a reader, sense too much sentimentality. However, from a different perspective, these moments might have been successful in keeping the readers attached to the characters in this story. There also parts where I think the writer wants to engage the reader in a creative writing discussion, by discussing his own presentation of the story. My reservation related to this novel is the fact that the narrator keeps bringing to the reader’s attention his questions to the idea of God, even as a thirteen-year old boy. Other than that, I think this novel on the sideline manages to give a picture that religion is not the only single thing present in Afghanistan, even during the Taliban rule.

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