Converting Samsung Infuse 4g into a Full-Fledged Tablet

Finally, I’m of the hook. I no longer have my At&t data plan subscription, which means I no longer have to pay the extra 25 dollars on my phone bill for getting email or Facebook notifications. The main reasons I canceled my data subscription are, first and foremost, because I need to save some money and, also importantly, because wifi connection is so literally ubiquitous these days to the degree that it is quite wasteful to pay extra 25 dollars to obtain a data plan for a gadget equipped with wifi capability.

Besides, I’m never in a hurry to check my emails now, so getting push notifications to my phone is no longer a factor for me. Also there are moments when I usually only need to bee able to be contacted by my family or friends when I’m on the road and on such moments, I don’t want to bring a bulky albeit wonderful smartphone. On such moments, data plan subscription is such a nuisance.

So now I’m off the hook of At&t data plan subscription.

The nuisance was that the network company didn’t allow me to let go off my data subscription if I still use a smartphone. I talked about this in a different post. Let me repeat again what I said earlier: this is a silly and unreasonable policy. So, the solution turned out to be quite simple. I just need to buy a simple basic no-nonsense phone: a used 15 dollars phone. And it’s a tiny phone that fits in well even in my Jeans chapstick pocket.

What about my smartphone? Am I not feeling sorry for not using a smartphone anymore, in this day and age? Don’t worry my friends, this is a well-meditated decision. No, I’m not feeling sorry for not using a smartphone anymore. Besides, like I said earlier, I don’t always want to carry my big smartphone around. Don’t worry, he’s in a better place now. I’ve promoted that smartphone into full tablethood and mp3-playerhood. Yes, it’s now a tablet that also functions as a great camera for still photos and videos thanks to its 8 mega pixel sensor. By the way, I’ve also downgraded it from Jelly Bean back to its stock Gingerbread version, which gives it better functionality with regards to its camera and music player.

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