Coban Jahe, a Convenient Waterfall

Park your car or motorcycle in the designated parking area, take a few steps, and you’ll soon spot the waterfalls of Coban Jahe. Once a remote spot, Coban Jahe has become a popular and convenient tourist destination, requiring visitors to hike only a short distance from their parking spot. Not far from Coban Jahe, you’ll also find Coban Tarzan.

Coban Jahe, the Convenent Waterfall

Nowadays, the expansive Coban Jahe and Coban Tarzan area are renowned for their numerous “kafe keceh,” charming cafes where you can dip your feet in the stream while savoring your coffee, tea, or instant ramen noodles. If you’re seeking coffee and conversation amidst nature with your family and friends, you’re in for a treat.

Kafe keceh

What many visitors might overlook upon arrival, but shouldn’t when departing, is the graveyard for fallen heroes. In this area lies a solemn resting place for those who fought during the independence war of the late 1940s. If you come to enjoy nature and fun with loved ones, be sure to pay your respects to the fallen heroes before leaving the area.

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