ABNORMALITY – Art Exhibition or Design Exhibition?

You will ask about the difference between a design exhibition and a fine art exhibition after attending this event, especially when you learn that the artists exhibiting their works here are faculty members in the Visual Communication Design programs at several universities in Malang.

If you don’t know who the artists are, you might think that some of the works exhibited here are fine art. They seem to represent the aesthetic endeavors of the artists and do not appear to serve practical functions as design works typically do.

However, once you ask the curator, you’ll probably get an explanation. “That’s why we call this exhibition ABNORMALITY,” said Aditya Nirwana, a faculty member of Ma Chung University who is the curator of the event. “It’s abnormal that designers are engaging in aesthetic pursuits the way we do here.”

If you happen to be in Malang during the week of May 20-24, 2024, take the opportunity to visit Malang Creative Center and see the exhibition in person.

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