Finger Back – Vampire Weekend

Finger Back – Vampire Weekend in Rap Genius

I was brainstorming prior to writing a paper on pre-Islamic Arabic poets, especially the sa’alik poets, those who left their tribes to live a free, liberated, punk-ish, thoreau-ish life. My mistake was, I had decided earlier to play Vampire Weekend’s latest album Modern Vampires of the Cities on my computer on a pair of headphones. After hitting the second page of my brainstorm free-writing piece, I heard Ezra Koenig’s rapping in one of the songs, “Finger Back.” I heard “Jerusalem,” “orthodox,” “dome of rock” etc and I became interested. I googled the title and it returned a list of results, among which I found one that leads to Of course I picked that link, which has never failed me.

So, if you want to enjoy my surprise and excitement when I was reading the lyrics and its interpretation by one of the contributors of Rap Genius, please go ahead and click the link above.

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