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(Translation) Poem for Mother by Wiji Thukul

Seorang kawan di Facebook memposting versi asli puisi Wiji Thukul ini untuk menyertai berita tentang ibu-ibu dari Rembang yang sedang berdemonstrasi menentang pembangunan pabrik semen saat saya menerjemahkan puisi ini.

Poem for Mother

mother once kicked me out of my house
but she cries when i’m sad
mother couldn’t sleep a wink
when hunger kept my brother awake
mother was furious
when we grabbed food
that wasn’t our rights
mother teaches justice
with compassion
mother’s persistence
turns cheap soup
into delicacy

mother cries when i’m sad
mother cries when i’m happy
mother cried when my brother stole a bike
mother cried when my brother got out of prison

mother is a heart that remains gracious
as her children keep hurting her
she’s waiting with mercy and forgiveness
mother’s compassion is a blazing light
of god’s invisibility
inspiring poignancy in mankind

with her virtuosity
mother introduced me to god
(Solo, 1986)

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