Our Family Live (a three-paragraph story)

They loved Janis, my wife, when where started. And I was happy about that. At the very least, it helped me appease the guilt I had for painting her face with water color, hitting her head over and over with an empty plastic bottle, throwing chicken shit at her face, and all other degrading stuff. She consented to all those. I gave the idea and she took the insults. Our fans loved the shows and gave us dragons, cars, motorcycles. Those tokens turned into diamonds and the diamonds turned into monthly transfer. The transfer gave us life. We made a living out of our Bigo live show, which we call “Our Family Live.” 

Then people started talking shit about our live shows, on Twitter and IG, mostly Janis’s. A veteran in the social media universe as I was, I could easily ignore it. Until it affected our monthly transfer. But don’t call me my name if I can’t make shit shine. I’m no joke in the social media universe. I know how to turn disgrace into upgrade. Then I started this one month series called “The Mrs Strikes Back.” That was my answer to both our haters and lovers. This time, I consented to Janis doing all the insults. I took the beating. Janis told me to lick our wok bottom clean. I did it. She made me eat ramen plus banana smoothie. I did it. She hit me with a pillow. I did all that. For the dragons, diamonds, and monthly transfer. Pretty much for the family, which was Janis and me. People then knew I was a fair and professional Bigo performer.

We both have exploited each other now, and much more will come. But our fans seem to start leaving us. Our live show is waning. We have ideas and have been saving the best for later. We’re trying various things just to keep the transfer come to cover bills and keep building the nest. Some fans have started throwing out ideas. Some good ones bring money. Janis has agreed we take challenges. We’re so open that we consider anything. But for the time being, Janis needs to take a rest. She’s expecting. We didn’t plan it, but it’s coming. I’m performing solo for a while. I invite friends and family and do the same challenges. But I miss Janis and doing live shows with her. I need to wait for around six months for another show with Janis. That’s also when the junior is coming. When I’m alone with Janis these days, we still throw ideas at each other, mostly figuring out how we can involve the junior. One of us said: “It’s gonna be the full fledged Our Family Live.”

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