Sumber Pitu, the Spring that Feeds Malang

Sumber Pitu, or Seven Springs, is a group of springs from which water emerges from rocks. Located in the village of Duwet Krajan, Tumpang, this is not an unusual tourist destination. People don’t really treat it as such, but in reality, many people go there to see it in person and enjoy the scenery.

Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast or a weekend warrior mountain biker, Sumber Pitu offers more than just scenery. If you like hiking, you will go through a one-mile colorful hike from where you can park your motorcycle or car (you park it in a resident’s front porch).

The hike is colorful as you pass through residents’ fields of vegetables, ranging from tomatoes to cauliflowers, and even a green tunnel of hanging squash. A bamboo forest is also part of the hike approaching the springs.

A hike to Sumber Pitu

For mountain bikers, an alternative route makes it possible for you to ride your bike all the way to the springs. Mountain bikers seem to prefer the 50-foot-tall waterfall. The waterfall doesn’t originate from the springs, but it’s right beside them. The water comes from a current that passes through the side of the village.

The waterfall right next to the spring.

What’s unique about the springs is that they supply a quarter of the water needs for the city of Malang. If you live in Malang and want to appreciate where a quarter of the water you drink comes from, this is definitely a must-visit for you.

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