The Fall I Fall

It’s over now. For some reason I feel good about her leaving me, and in this time of the year. The fall doesn’t have to be for a fall. Yet it’s my fall, my very own fall.

I’ve been browsing the internet all day long. Looking at cats pictures. For there’s no reason for me to leave my dorm room. Everyone’s away for fall break. Tim and Shane and all. They’re out duck hunting in their parents’ homes deep in the Ozark forest now.

And of course, Lindsey, too. She’s probably out in the trail with her Dad. She’s a dad’s girl like that. And her dad? I wish there was something I could do about him.

I leave my dorm for some change of mood. I’m fine. I’m totally fine. I’m still alive, in a still life, although usually a still life is not something one’s usually proud of.

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